Day for Kids!

The Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon is celebrating its annual Day for Kids event to highlight the critical needs of kids and teens in the community. Day for Kids celebrates the life changing work at Boys and Girls Clubs by encouraging adults to spend meaningful time with young people and engage in fun and active play.
This year’s Day for Kids will be celebrated in Coos Bay during Fun Festival weekend on 2nd Street in the parking lot behind the Coos Art Museum. The event begins on Sunday, September 20th at 11a.m. and culminates with the Pre-Run for Kids at 1:30p.m. There will be crafts, face-painting, activities and prizes. Call the Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon at 541-267-3635 for more information.
Day for Kids aligns with Boys and Girls Clubs overall initiative to help kids and teens become more actively engaged in their community, live a healthy lifestyle and achieve academic success. The ‘play’ incorporated in the Day for Kids event fosters creativity, imagination, exploration and helps kids develop and master various skills. A year-round web site,, provides tools, resources and tips that support their interactions with young people.
Located at 3333 Walnut Avenue, Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon provides program opportunities for hundreds of boys and girls each year. The Club is open after school Monday – Friday.